New techniques of building office trailers

New techniques of building office trailers

Modern modular structures come to a long journey from building site office trailers to the latest construction projects. Some of the SCF site office projects that have completed recently advanced 12 modular units combined to come up with a 90 foot by 72-foot space. The office complex comprises many offices, a training room ad a large conference room with broad open areas.

SCF site space is built by connecting six wide trailers back to back. Other companies develop their huge office by combining eight trailers on both sites. So, most companies choose trailer and modular building for the site office are construction speed, construction quality, and the construction cost. The following is the analysis of these reasons:

SCF site office

Cost of constructing site office

A modular construction cost is half third the rate of a traditional site office structure. Modular building is typically built at a lower expense, which is also a part of saving the delivery and material expenses. On the construction site, building materials can be delivered in little lots. On the other hand, in the modular factory, construction materials can be bought in bulk then provided at an affordable cost. Because of the repetitive construction nature, fewer wastes are produced.

Site foundation and preparation work

Also, you can save a lot on foundation and preparation work. Traditional construction always requires a solid foundation and proper grading for site preparation. Since the modular trailers are designed with their support frames, the essential work can be reduced to a required level site. Speed accuracy is the most significant benefit of modular construction. The above example can be made possible through the accuracy concept, and it should take not more than 6 weeks.  Traditional construction techniques can take nearly a year to build the same year.

Quality office site construction

Building quality office site can be much better with module building than the construction subjected to a change in questionable and weather condition craftsmanship. Module building structures are constructed within a facility to protect it from bad weather. It is also made with a quality control system. However, quality doesn’t always depend on the mood or skills of the workers. The module factory offers quality and procedure control inspection services to ensure the entire process is done correctly.

Protective elements of module construction

With a standard structure, building materials are usually exposed to bad weather. Luckily since we now have a module factory, structures are perfectly protected from destructive elements like bad weather. The protection will result in better and fast-finishing reduces the chances of mold growth and other destructive weather-related issues.

Purchasing flexibility

Purchasing flexibility is another benefit of module SCF office site building, whereby a module building can be rented, leased, or purchased based on the application. Module building has added more advantages in such that they can be assembled and disassembled then shifted to a different area.