construction cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ

Top construction cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ  

When you remodel your place or some construction work has taken place at your home or workplace, the post-construction cleaning can be an exhausted and time-consuming task. The post-construction cleaning services can help you there, and you can call them and get your place clean in some hours. If you live in Phoenix and looking for construction cleaning services in Phoenix, there are many cleaning services in the area. With so many choices, we know it’s hard to find the best one, so we have prepared the list of top construction cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ

Even construction companies can hire them to provide excellent services to their customers. They will leave the construction place clean; this will help them get more customers and satisfy their customers.

Now, let’s get you deep into what these services include, as you should know what you should expect from the services provider plus how much it would cost your pocket.

What do the construction cleaning services include?

When you opt for construction cleaning services, they will clean your carpets, floors, adhesive from your doors and window panels and will remove any lingering debris at your place.

They will sanitize your place thoroughly and makes any virus & bacteria free to give you & your family a hygienic environment.

How much does it cost?

The post-construction cleaning can cost you around $274-$662, according to HomeAdvisor. The price depends on the area of the place so that it can vary. Generally, you can expect to pay around $.10 to $.15 per square foot.

List of the best construction cleaning services in Phoenix

We have prepared the list based on the customer reviews, their experience, and customer services and striving to adopt new technologies that make them stand out from other service providers.

Stratus building solutions

They are reliable cleaning service providers who use advanced technology to clean your place.

The customer service is excellent, and the best thing about them is they use environmentally friendly products for the cleaning chores. Hence, when you hire them, you also contribute to your environment.

Special OPS clean team

They claim to be experts in making residential and commercial places spotless after construction.

Their professional teams are trained and equipped with the latest technology will save your time and effort.