Story OfKshanaKshanam Movie

The Telugu film industry has been able to produce world-class thrillers that have one of the best plotlines. Not to forget, the Telugu industry has also had the most directors and actors who can deliver the best performances in any typical film. Along with the best music direction and cinematography, Telugu films have a lot to offer other than thrillers because every Telugu thriller contains romance or drama. So if you happen to be a movie enthusiast and love to watch thrillers, you can watch Telugu movies online because you will find more than a hundred options. One of such romantic thrillers is the film KshanaKshanam that was released in 2021. 

KshanaKshanam is a Telugu thriller that KarthikMediconda directed. DrMannamChandramouli and DrWarlu produced the film, and the film features stars like Uday Shankar as Satya and Jiya Sharma in the leading roles. Many other supporting characters in the film were played by actors like Raghu Kunche, Koti, Gifton Elias Ravi Prakash, Shruthi Singh as Maya, and many more. The music in the film was given good reviews, and Roshan Salur provided it. The cinematography and editing of the film were provided by K. Siddharth Reddy and GovindDittakavi, respectively. If you like Telugu movies, watch online that container crime thrilling plot, you should go forward with this film.

The story is quite intriguing because even though the story is about a romance, it starts from an unromantic angle. The film is centred on Satya, who is married to a woman who does not love him back. Although initially, he tried his best to gain her love, it is almost impossible because she is cold to him and shows no reciprocation. They have a loveless marriage, and he is quite stuck in it, so he turns to various sorts of addictions to get over the stress over his marriage as well as his mediocre job. He talks about his problem with his friend, who leads a different lifestyle than he does. He is told about a dating website for married people who can have extramarital affairs if they are unsatisfied with their married life, which excites Satya.

He downloads this dating app and starts having a romantic relationship with Maya, a seductive model. He starts getting all the things that he would have wanted to gain from his wife but could not do so. Maya and Satya keep meeting, but things fall out of the plan, and Satya finds himself in a mess. Maya is murdered, and he gets involved in this case and tries his best to prove his innocence. You should watch this film because you will get to know what happened in the entire film in the last few minutes.

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