Why You Must Consider Purchasing Lab-Grown Ring Online?

Lab-grown diamonds rings are real and fantastic. They are eco-friendly, ethically-sourced, and much more affordable compared to other options out there. For the proof, do not look further than labgrown diamond, the best names especially when it is about quality engagement rings.

When you are looking to buy diamonds, there are some factors that you need to look out. For men, cost of the diamond takes its precedence in purchase decision for the engagement ring, which is followed by its design. For the women, the design is first followed by its carat size that goes perfectly with the cost. For both women and men quality of diamond comes third.

Better Value.

The lab grown diamonds for regulars are priced as per 4Cs characteristics. The lab grown diamonds generally retail for over 40 to 50% less than the mined diamonds of its comparable quality and size, it means you will get the bigger and better diamond on your budget by selecting the lab grown diamonds. For instance, for same cost of 1.5 carat engagement ring from the luxury retailer, you may buy 2.5 carat of lab grown diamond ring of same quality.


The mined diamonds may look very pretty, but they wreak total havoc on our environment. For the starters, they need huge explosives and machinery that dig deep in our earth and disturb habitats, pollute water, render land unusable, as well as create mineral waste. Not to mention water and energy usage, occasional disasters, carbon emissions, and release of the harmful gases.

Here is a full breakdown. The traditionally mined diamonds make more than 125 pounds of the carbon per carat, whereas lab-grown diamonds will generate only 6 pounds of the carbon per carat. The mined diamonds produce more than 30 pounds of the Sulphur oxide whereas lab-grown diamonds create none. Thus, air emissions on single carat of mined diamond will be 1.5 billion times much higher than lab-grown one.