How To Catch More Pokemon on Pokemon GO

How To Catch More Pokemon on Pokemon GO

Having and using your pokemon go accounts is something you will want to do. This is because Pokemon GO has become such a popular game. Because Pokemon GO has become so popular, many players are offering to sell their pokemon go accounts. This is perfect since as a player, you will want to have the best account possible. When you are looking for an account to buy, make sure to look at the player level. You will also want to look into the statistics of the Pokemon. These two factors are what make a great account. Once you have your account, you can play it on your own. A big part of the game is catching as many Pokemon as possible. Here are some tips to do just that.

Head To Pokestops

Pokestops are the floating blue bricks you see scattered on the map. These stops are usually local landmarks or buildings that people visit often. Once you are in the range of a Pokestop they turn into circles and you can view more information about them. Pokestops, when spun, give off items that will be helpful for you in the game. These items include balls, potions, sprays, and fruit. Pokestops are also a great place to catch Pokemon. This is especially true if a lure is on. Lures attract pokemon of all sorts and make them easier to catch. You can tell if a lure is active if the Pokestop is raining pink confetti.

How To Catch More Pokemon on Pokemon GO

Use Your Incense

Incense is similar to lures in the regard that they attract Pokemon. The difference is that incense is used on your character so it goes where you go. This means you are more likely to bump into Pokemon while walking around. This is true even if you are far from any lured Pokestops. Also, incense is not shared with other players, so you get all the benefits for yourself. Incense can be very helpful especially if you visit areas where only a certain Pokemon can spawn. Pokemon will start arriving just because you have on.

Keep Walking Around

The most valuable tip in catching as many Pokemon as you can is to simply just keep walking around. The more you walk, the more you advance in the game. Additionally, you will also have a higher chance of running into Pokemon. Who knows, you may just run into a rare one along the way. So keep active and walk your way to the best Pokemon GO account in town.