pubg Hacks

Understand the game Pubg and cheats

PUBG(Player Unknown Battle Ground) is an online video game in which 100 players land on island and who survives till the game end will be considered as winner. Surviving till the end in pubg is not an easy task. You can make it possible by using pubg aimbot cheats.

More than a game pubg is considered like a war. Players can play in two modes either in arcade mode or classic mode. In arcade mode , there are different types of mission available to play. In classic mode, people can choose their own map and then they can play it.

Know about pubg game:

The players parachute onto the landscape from a plane. Generally there are 4 landscapes, containing many types of natural landscapes such as river, plains, lakes , hills and mountains. They also contains buildings, hospitals, small to larger rooms, and even military bases.

Once players landed they start searching for buildings which contains guns, weapons, ammunition and bombs to fight with their opponents. To protect, you can use Armors and helmet which increase your durability. You can heal from damage by using health packs, energy drinks and painkillers.

There are backpacks available used to carry the tools they find. There are a variety of guns which includes pistols, rifles, shotguns each with different advantages in terms of usability. Planes will fly over the map which either bomb the area or drop a package containing armors and powerful guns.

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Gameplay of pubg:

There are strangers will hunt each other, everyone want to be the last man in the landscape to win the game . As soon as they land they started finding for weapons and a place to be safe, once they find their opponent a shot gun blasts in the face.

The mission is time based, as time goes on the area shrinks then the players need to play within the area which will rapidly take damage. In this hard time you can use pubg aimbot cheats which would help to shot the enemies automatically.

Like other games, in pubg you can win number of outfits for their characters. You can change the graphics in settings, so you can improve your graphics on the phone.

Another interesting thing in gameplay is, players can play and talk with each other. You only need to turn on your voice chat. Thus you canĀ  play pubg with more interesting features.