Custom Awards

How to choose a suitable trophy

Whether you have a sporting event or if it is about giving a trophy to a person who has been part of the company for many years and soon says goodbye, trophies are always a very nice memory that what they do is allow it to be taken as rewards the winners or who is recognized something particular. However, choosing a suitable trophy for each type of event is not easy. It is necessary to be clear about some elements such as what type of sporting event it is, the material in which the trophy will be made, if it will have any personalized engraving or drawing, among others. Get the best of luxury custom awards.

Elements to take into account when choosing a trophy

These are some of the elements that you will have to take into account to choose a trophy and thus achieve the trophy that reflects the expected recognition.


What type of event is it? Is it a specific sport or an activity or recognition? This will help you get an idea of ​​the type of trophy you are going to need, that is, generally when it comes to a specific sport such as football, the trophy that is awarded has something to do with it, whether it is a ball , a loot or similar.

Knowing the type of event, creativity can begin to come up with the perfect trophy for it.


There are various materials with which to create trophies: from aluminum that can be metalized in gold or silver to wood for the most classic types of trophies or those that want to inspire a more “naturist” or commitment style.

Nowadays, the material chosen for the vast majority of trophies is methacrylate due to its resistance and versatility, since it allows you to fully customize the trophy you want.


It is what we talked about at the beginning about the type of sport for which the trophy is wanted. The hubs can be customized based on the sport or activity by adding a replica that inspires the sport from which the trophy or similar is being presented to you.

The options are endless. What is involved in all cases to choose a trophy is to think of a trophy that reflects the reason for which it is being given to the person, in addition to, of course, personalizing it to the fullest.