Walk-In Installation Made Easier For You

Bathing can get difficult as you age. Especially for the older population who would require utmost attention. But to make it easier for them, walk-in tubs are being introduced to them. Not just for them, but anyone with mobility issues. They can simply walk into the tub and sit while having their bath. It also provides massage options and makes your bath more therapeutic.

Health Benefits of Walk-In Bath Tubs

Yes, you read that right. Bathing also has health benefits, other than cleanliness now. interesting right?

It helps you relieve pain from arthritis and rheumatism. Also helps with the pain symptoms of diabetes and general body and muscle pain. it also relieves one from body stiffness. So walk-in tubs are the right way to relax as well as maintain your body.

Walk-in tubs also help with improving circulation. The circulation of blood is improved throughout the body and therefore, you can relieve yourself from pain caused by blood clots and congestion.

If you are convinced enough to buy it, let us look into walk in tub installation.

How To Install Walk-In Tubs?

The installation is simple enough to be done at home. Most of the models come along with an installation manual, but if yours lack one, here is a generic way to have it done.

Install the ledger board and the shoe fitting. The measurements for these can be determined from your old bathtub as well. If not, measure the distance accordingly, mark and install them. Installing mortar is the hardest part. You have to mix the right amount and then have to apply it to the base of where the tub will be situated. Then install and secure your walk-in tub. Once that is done, test it by turning on the water.

Are We Only Supposed To Install?

Not true. Some professionals can do all these steps easier for you. There are specific install teams for each company of walk-in. Find the one for you and then give them your order details. They will be sure to install your walk-in with precision.

This installation also has a lifetime guarantee. So if you find any problem with the installation, you can immediately call them back and inform them of the same. So, walk-in tub installation can be done easily, either by you or by them.