prevent the patient

Behaviors of the care giver

encourage the independence of the patient as long as possible

encourage the patient to carry out daily activities alone and with his supervision

maintain the residual memory of the patient through photographs, memories, memory games respite services in Collierville.

involve the client in daily family activities

do not treat the patient like a child, protecting him from any event. Excessive protection can in fact worsen his sense of marginalization and isolation

communicate one’s closeness to the patient through verbal and non-verbal language.

Advice for the care giver

Take care of yourself too. In fact, it is not humanly possible to dedicate all your time to a person with dementia, instead it is necessary to plan every day a little time and space for oneself, dedicating oneself to activities that can regenerate, thus avoiding having only a strictly connected life. the patient’s illness. If necessary, it is advisable to seek external help without being ashamed. Patient and caregiver must find a way to spend their time together, without dementia dominating their entire life, striving to maintain dialogue above all else.


Within our facilities there are active Protected nuclei accredited for Alzheimer’s patients or suffering from severe cognitive impairment. Elderly people affected by these pathologies can find safety and protection in these specialized centers, in addition to the adequate rehabilitation stimuli provided by occupational and social assistance therapies suitable for their impaired cognitive abilities.

The units are structured in such a way as to safely address behavioral problems while continuing to provide stimuli, create relationships and ensure a good quality of life within.

The therapeutic and / or rehabilitative intensity of the intervention, to maintain the person’s residual functional autonomy or slow down its deterioration.

The social assistance intensity of the intervention, to maintain or improve his social and relational life.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that especially in its later stages, it is difficult to manage at home. Precisely for this reason, in many of its structures, Korian has created Alzheimer’s Nuclei.