London’s Best Furniture Showroom

London’s Best Furniture Showroom

The eternal search for furniture that suits all tastes takes buyers to all over their habitats, and sometimes round the globe. But an all-inclusive shop floor that has opened its doors in one of the Capital Cities of the World looks like putting paid to all that searching, at least for Londoners. This is a 30,000 sq.ft. giant floor space that houses over 700 of the world’s most famous brands in a single yawning area. FCI London is already one of the star attractions of this great City.

The Present

This is an expansive showroom in one of the poshest locations of the Great City, which houses some of the most contemporary, upmarket furniture in the world. There are in addition some brilliant ideas of lighting and designer flooring also included in the grand show that will blow the Customer’s mind away. The location address is Ray House, N. Circular Road, London NW10 7XP, United Kingdom. But this is not a new company. The people involved have been in the furniture business for over 30 years now, and have roots all over the world. FCI was established in 1985, and has grown from a 5000 sq.ft. Showroom to become the behemoth it is today.

FCI London

The Ownership

This is London’s largest contemporary showroom for furniture and interiors. The creativity on display here has to be seen to be believed. It is a tribute to the taste and dedication of a single family who rose above all adversity to own and run this huge conglomerate independently. Some of the most exclusive of designs in the world are displayed here, and the pioneering and most inventive of artistic designers are featured. The deep involvement of this single family flower in the products on sale here, and each item is carefully selected by the expert teams and vetted by the owners before being placed on show here.

Quality And Price

The word “contemporary” is a flag flown at full-mast here. From contemporary Sofas and TV Units, there are the latest styling of Beds, Sofa-cum-Beds, cupboards, side-tables, dressing cabinets and tables, decorative mirrors for bedrooms, even portable ceiling cabinets, kitchen furniture, modular kitchens  and so on. Yet the prices are kept honest and simple here, and are highly competitive. Constant reviews by the market executives ensure that the prices and styles consistantly follow the trends, and not a single product is overlooked.

The Result

This magnificent showroom is the fruition of many years of efforts, to present the true lovers of Furniture with a one-stop shop for each and every one of their needs and even hidden desires. FCI London is not an ordinary shop: it is a cathedral to taste.