Covert Tips to Excel in Page Optimization with Header Tags

The first very important step to be taken is to establish a set of keywords that would best describe your website content on each page. You must know that these words should complement the essence of your website and not be words coming from wild guesses.

The ideal way to add header tags to your website is by limiting it to one. An excessive usage of these tags will result in confusing the web spiders alongside giving an impression of having too much of the information that is required on your web page.

Keep the number of words to a minimum and see to it that these words are apt for your web page. These words must be catchy, meaningful and should head the body content with distinctive denotation. For example, Gardening – Tulip, White Tulip Flowers.

The trick is to optimize the website using onpage SEO techniques.

Finding the right Keywords for your website

The keywords used on your web page must add value to the content by briefly describing it in few words. If your website is all about gardening tulip flowers, then the use of keywords like gardening, tulip, tulip flowers, and white tulips is ideal. Remember, it is all about the keywords being related to the content of your website.

Headings of your page run a semantic meaning of your content and so, they must be used in hierarchical levels. There are different types of header tags like H1, H2 and H3 etc. The Use of H1 tags should be before H2, H3 and so on. However, as mentioned earlier it is advisable to limit the header tags in order to avoid confusion. With multiple headings, users and spiders, both tend to get confused in knowing the appropriate heading for your web page.

With the above tips, the header tags of your website will work to their best and contribute to your website’s success in terms of SEO marketing. Remember, an H1 tag which is naturally placed and fitting effortlessly onto the page content and blended in the right form with fonts and colors will surely help your SEO project to be a hit among other websites.