The Silk Blouse – A Best Ethnic Attire For Women Across The World  

What is the speciality of wearing a silk blouse?

The silk blouse is not common these days because of the increase in the price of silk material. The manufacturing industry is putting in a lot of effort to manufacture and sell these products in the market.

Process of manufacturing a silk saree along with a silk blouse

The Benefits Of Wearing Silk 

  1. The first and foremost step is called sericulture. It is a quite famous term. It is the process of collecting, storing, and feeding healthy silkworms. The silk farmers handpick silkworms and store them in the factory space for a certain duration. Upon completion of that duration, the cocoons are harvested by the farmers. The material is then collected from the cocoons and sent to the manufacturing factory base.
  2. The threads are extracted from the fully developed cocoons. The silk threads are neatly washed and cleaned once they are removed from the cocoon. Men and women in the factory did this process, but now, machines have taken over this task force. Automated robot arms are used in many factories to extract these threads. Since the threads are very delicate, they should be handled with utmost care.
  3. Dying the thread. The silk thread machines are brought on top of different dye colours required to manufacture the silk saree and silk blouse. The threads dipped in the dye are removed and then spun into thicker threads by arranging these colourful threads in a sequential manner next to each other. The movement of machines needs to be so precise during this process.
  4. The threads are then weaved into different patterns and designs that differ according to the customers’ requirements.
  5. Extra designs are printed on the material if required. The saree and blouse made of pure silk are read to be sent into the quality check centre, followed by the packaging division after adding multiple finishing touches.

What makes silk so special and present scenario of usage of silk sarees 

Silk has been prevalent in India for quite a long time. It was a source of trade and supply. A major part of selling silk was taken away by the Britishers in the early 19th century when India was under colonial rule. At present, silk sarees and silk blouses are worn by women across various parts of the world, including countries like the United States of America, European countries like Germany and many more.