Introducing, The Tesla USB Flash Drive for Sentry Mode

It cannot be denied that Tesla is one of the most high-end brands when it comes to modern cars. Many are loving the Tesla cars because of its level of security. And one of the most popular is Tesla’s Sentry Mode. But before you purchase the best usb drive for tesla dashcam, then here’s what you need to know.

Tesla Sentry Mode – What Is It?

Tesla Sentry Mode is a security feature. It is activated when the car is parked using the Tesla Dashcam equipment. Through the dashcam camera, the Sentry Mode will monitor what’s doing on around your vehicle. And if the sensor detects a threat, the system will automatically notify you through the Tesla app. This security feature also records whatever is happening around your car and saves the data to a USB storage device.

Why Do You Need The Tesla Sentry Mode

If you have a Tesla vehicle, you should consider adding this feature because it is extremely helpful especially during incidents where you will need solid evidence. For example, during collisions, vandalism, and even theft. There are instances where you will find your car with scratches or evidence it has been hit.

But it cannot be denied that not all drivers are honest, some will just drive away without leaving their information. But with the Sentry Mode, you will not only be able to identify these incidents but also how they took place. Your footage can help the law enforcement officers find the suspect, especially in a serious case.

Choosing A USB Drive For Tesla Sentry Mode

There are different USB flash drives that you can use with Sentry Mode. However, this can only save an hours’ worth of footage. But that does not mean that you will have to race against time if you want to get the recordings that you need. What you can do is to move videos to the ‘saved clips’ folder for you to check on them later. Any video that you save to this folder will never be automatically deleted.

Introducing, Samsung BAR Plus

If you know that you need to save the footage for longer periods, then you can invest in a USB with robust hardware. And one of the most preferred USB drives for the Tesla Sentry Mode is the Samsung BAR Plus. this is based on a newer technology which makes it faster and provides better performance. This can definitely help you save more footage compared to regular USB drives.