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Why is it important to do Social Selling?

Social Selling , therefore, allows you to make a qualitative leap in sales. Because? Think about it for a moment. What is the main feature of social media? That of gathering a huge catchment area .

In online sales strategies this is a very important factor as Selling through communities and groups allows you to build trust in the prospect through targeted content , skipping the initial mistrust that may exist when your interlocutor does not know you. Furthermore, if you are addressing an already acquired customer, everything becomes easier thanks to the sending of contents designed specifically for him idigic.

In order for Social Selling not to translate into a sterile sales activity on social networks, it is important to create a common thread between marketing and sales. This is done through regular posting of content . Social platforms are perfect for Content Marketing : by giving value to the content you share and posting regularly, the easier it is for you to gain authority in the eyes of prospects and your customers and become an expert in your sector instagram views .

Finally, Selling through online channels  allows you to take a step forward compared to traditional sales methods as potential customers and followers who get in touch directly with you can receive an immediate response, accelerating the process of acquiring new customers.

How to create a Social Selling strategy in 3 steps

How to do Social Selling? To be successful as a digital technique to increase your volume of things to sell to make money , this requires a correct strategy: in fact, it must allow you to create direct contact with your prospect at the right time. The sooner the contact takes place, the more time you have to create a relationship of trust that can lead you to finalize the sale.

Now, in 3 simple steps, I’ll show you how to create a successful strategy.

Identify your target and their needs

Based on relationships, the first step for a successful social selling strategy is to identify your target audience. This step is very important as only in this way will you be able to create ad hoc content and convey messages for purchase. But how to do it? Social channels offer the possibility of identifying potential customers but among an infinite number of users who are not easy to reach!