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Visiting Iceland is perhaps the best decision you will ever make. There are very few countries in the world with such diversity in their landscape. However, the location of this tourist destination makes the climate as fickle as the mind of a person with schizophrenia. The months between May and September are the best time to travel to this country. You can go whale watching, ride glaciers, dive deep into an ice cave, cross the famous Golden Circle route, or gaze at the Northern Lights. The temperature between June and August is around 20 degrees Celsius. It is the perfect time to attend the summer festivals.

  • The Freezing Months: Winter can be a great time to visit Iceland. Although temperatures below 30 degrees do occur on such trips with iceland quotes, you shouldn’t let this thought put you off. The months between December and February are the coldest, especially in the northern areas. There is no reason to avoid Iceland in the winter, but you do need to make sure you are wearing the proper thermal gear.
  • The Northern Lights: When you visit Iceland, you have different things to do, a variety of places to visit, and many activities to enjoy. However, most travelers who take excursions to Iceland do so to see the amazing Northern Lights. These dancing lights in the sky remain prominent between September and April. However, February to March and September to October are the best months to see them, especially around the equinoxes.

  • The Dark Days: A true traveler is always looking for the most unique and least known information about a place. If you are a foodie, you probably already know that the day from late November to December and January will have no sunlight. If you are looking for the aurora this should not be a problem for you. However, this can be quite an annoying situation for photographers.
  • The months of the midnight sun: There are several pseudonyms for Iceland. One is “the land of fire and ice” and another is “the land of the midnight sun.” As you pass through this charming place, you will understand the reason for the given name, but if you visit in June or July, you will be swallowed up in darkness even during the day.